Monday, September 21, 2015

Selamat Pengantin Baru Nazirul&Liyana

Alhamdulillah saya dapat adik ipar baru. Yeay! Bertambah ahli keluarga Ahmad Shokhaily

TTC - Follow up check up

Today is my 2nd follow up after surgery. 1st was with 1sept. The doctor gave me zoladex date 17august before check out from hospital buat the zoladex doesnt work for me and next follow up was 19 sept.

On 17sept, I got called from the doctor's PA said that the doctor will not available because she last minute got called from Tabubg Haji to perform Hajj. Then she suggested me to check up with another doctor but male doctor. I asked her to confirm with me again on Friday 18sept.

On friday I waiting for the call but no one called me. So I emailed Dr. Natasya asked for her opinion. Alhamdulillah she replied very fast and asked me too book appointment with her. Me and hubby very happy. Why? Because we love her. She very peramah. Dengan senyum dia rasa tenang je.

Semoga check up hari ni smooth je. Feel lil bit dizzy. Hope tak tunggu lama. Sebab pengalaman dengan pusrawi ni tak tau la kenapa, memang kena tunggu la. Haha!