Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Career New Begining

Dear bloggy,

Its already 3 days from my 1st day at RHB and a week from my last day at iCIMB. Actually I feel proud and great about it. From being an officer to an Executive. From salary under rm2000 now is above rm2000. Its rm700 different from my last salary. Thank you Allah for all the rezeki You gave me.

But there's something I've to let go. My honeymoon and my leave for my wedding. Actually its a lie if I tell you that I ok about it. No! Im not ok. But I positively tell my self, Allah bagi rezeki dan dugaan at the same time supaya kita sentiasa bersyukur'. Ya! Saya sangat bersyukur dengan rezeki yang saya dapat pada bulan ramadhan yg lepas. Saya bersyukur dapat ibu ayah yang sangat memahami situasi diriku. Saya bersyukur dapat tunang yang juga memahami.

Now I have to tell myself not be influence my peoples around me. Its hard you know. Because in the 1st day me at work, my colleague already told me that my bos is very garang! 0_0 But in my personal view, she being garang must have reason. Erm.. it tough a bit but pray for me. I'll try the best as I can to be a good employee to RHB.
Pray for me ya!

P.s: Sedang sesuaikan diri dengan traveling yg sangat jauh ini. Semoga Allah permudahkan jalan ku ke tempat kerja. Amin..